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How this is your time to buy a "house" 

The current state of the Toronto market is as you may have seen through so many for sale signs on your street, if you live in a house... that the market is not moving at a rampage speed as it has this last five years each more exponential than the last reaching an apex only moments before the Provincial unveiling of the real estate market regulations that in summary... have given buyers the perception of a slow down. And slow down they have. By taking their foot of the gas peddle, and seller's sensing this has brought on a high level of inventory and less buyers out there competing.  How far will it go? How long will it last? If you are selling and buying at the moment you should ideally break even with the current downward trend. But if you are entering the market, it is a fantastic time to buy a home, detached, semi, town, otherwise thought unreachable. Condos on the other hand have not seen as much of a slow down, especially condos under $500,000. If the condo price is pushing 1 million, you may have a few less bidders on offer night, which, was a new scenario for condos ending 2016 starting 2017. 

June 29, 2017

Where can you find a good deal in Toronto condos?   

I often am asked "where can I, and how can I find a good deal? Buyer's do not want to over pay in an already uber expensive real estate market. The answer is; narrow down the search, yet be flexible, be patient and be constant. By narrowing down the geographical zone, it takes a lot of pressure off of your shoulders to understand EVERYTHING. Which, when you look at it is a lot! And it is always changing, plus if they are new areas to you - online can be difficult to assess the personal value it may have to you. Then you have narrowed down the area so now you only have a small vicinity to be an expert in, you can watch all properties come and go, which are well priced which are over priced, the buildings you like and dislike. So... when the right condo comes you pounce quickly attaining a reasonable price. By being patient you will learn, and make a strong decision. The flexibility part is important just in case - and if price is of high importance to you - there may be property for sale that is too good of a deal to pass up but just outside of your geographical target. And by knowing the prices in that area you can confidently say this is a great price. Boom, you buy!

June 25, 2017