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Trevor believes in 5 Key Principles that are instrumental in a successful, exciting and smooth process when dealing in real estate.

The first key is that it is Your Process. When buying a home or selling your home it is one of the biggest decisions you will make. My job is to make sure that the process is smooth, that I keep you engaged and informed and that the process moves at a pace with which you are comfortable. Sometimes things can happen quickly. Or the process can take quite some time. It is at your speed that we move forward. 

Two: A sturdy and Reliable Foundation is key in building anything. I will be calm, reliable and structured during the entire process. If things get hectic, you can be assured that I will remain calm and focused, ensuring all the correct steps are taken when the rubber hits the road. During negotiations and the legal process, if anything gets confusing, you can rely on me to clearly navigate you through to success.

Three: Knowledge is Power. There are a hundred and one ways to seek answers in this day and age to questions like: "how much do we offer?" or "how much should we list our home for?". You cannot get away from statistics. I believe that if you gather all of the correct data, the answers appear on their own. By compiling broad stats, focused stats and recent sale prices, together we can demystify the process and will know exactly to what conclusions the numbers point.

Certain Times Call for Certain Measures. In today's on-line, fully connected world the time may come for swift actions. Today's real estate market is a Seller's Market. Your dream home may be on the market for a very short period of time and before you know it, it is swept up by another buyer who was prepared to act faster than you. Real-time preparation and expert negotiations are key. Gathering and appraising all of the critical information as it becomes available enables me to help you make the swift, well-informed decision that will result in a happy client and a happy purchase of that dream home.

Five:  Honesty is the Best Policy. This old idiom has remained true for many reasons. Relationships are built on trust, and for better or worse I will put in front of you the unabridged truth at all times.

When the process is guided by these 5 Key Principles, the unlocked result is a fun, smooth, exciting, and rewarding experience in real estate. This most important transaction could lead to stress, but it doesn't have to! Expert preparation and practised planning will lead to swift execution and satisfied clients who, I hope, will return with family and friends, further down the road.